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Clear Punnets

The Qpak advantage in clamshell punnets is that they come in a range of sizes and styles to cater for a variety of fruit and vegetable or Sushi sizes. Punnets may or may not feature air flow circulation which allows for cool air to easily circulate around the fruit in refrigerated storage depending on your requirement.

Qpak has the capability to supply your punnets or ours with labels applied, we also have the capability of supplying and printing your labels with a full Design and print house as part of the Chameleon-Group.

40mm unpunched95x95x40 int.PC40Ucarton of 1500
40mm punched103x103x40 ext.PC40Pcarton of 1500
50mm unpunched95x95x50 int.PC50Ucarton of 1500
50mm punched103x103x50 ext.PC50Pcarton of 1500
Punnet Lid (to fit both above)110x110x30 attachedPCLIDcarton of 750
500gm PunnetPC500carton of 1000
250gm Hinged LidPC250HNcarton of 750
375gm Hinged Lid138x120x80 ext. closedPC375HN (59 deep base)carton of 750
1 Kg PunnetPC1000carton of 750